LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE InGround

Caratteristiche prodotto
  • Slim, modular LED fixture for linear applications, fully customizable
  • Several optics, Wall Grazing and WallWashing; 10°, 30°, 60°
  • Outdoor IP67
  • Luminous flux: > 2000 lm/m; 1200 m/m; 900 lm/m
  • Color uniformity ≤ 2 SDCM
  • Lifetime up to 60.000 h L80B10
  • Large selection of lighting color temperatures
Vantaggi prodotto
  • 3 lengths available to adapt to different conditions
  • External metal case available
  • Easy to configure the desired light performance for optimal illumination
  • Protected against the atmospheric agents: from the desert to the glacier
  • Long-time functionality and maintenance-free
  • High color fidelity to beautify every design
  • Fully controllable by most used light control protocols: DALI, DMX
  • Color consistent with LINEARlight FLEX products


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Nome del prodotto
Temperatura di colore
Scheda tecnica
3000 K
LR-P-2000-927-120D-BK-06-IG-G1 L1
2700 K
LR-P-400-RGB-120D-BK-06-IG-G1 L1
LR-P-2000-927-10S-BK-06-IG-G1 L1
2700 K
LR-P-2000-927-10H-BK-06-IG-G1 L1
2700 K
LR-P-2000-927-10S-BK-12-IG-G1 L1
2700 K
LR-P-400-RGB-120D-BK-12-IG-G1 L1
LR-P-2000-927-10H-BK-12-IG-G1 L1
2700 K
LR-P-1500-RGBW830-120D-BK-12-IG-G1 L1
3000 K
LR-P-2000-927-120D-BK-12-IG-G1 L1
2700 K

Maggiori informazioni per la famiglia di prodotto

Aree applicative
  • Wall washing
  • Wall Grazing
  • Architectural integration