Studio lighting & light for film and TV productions

Studio lighting & light for film and TV productions

Exciting lighting for film and TV productions

Studio lighting – exciting and atmospheric

High-quality studio lighting plays a major role in creating unforgettable scenes in TV and movie productions. Professional illumination provides much more than just the right level of brightness. It creates exciting moods and supports the compositions and concepts of the lighting designers.

Just like the actors, the lighting has to perform to a high level. The most important factors here are first-class color rendering, different stable color temperatures, maximum color fidelity and, of course, an overall performance worthy of an Oscar.

Lighting for film & TV productions – first class and atmospheric

Lighting for film and TV productions is much more than just light. It is tension, excitement, drama, joy and fascination. Creating moods that speak to the emotions is one of the main functions of lighting and makes it a central design element in film and TV productions.

The light must have excellent color rendering, offer stable color temperatures and perfect color fidelity. The end result is first-class entertainment and better viewing figures.


HMI metal halide lamps

HMI lamps are metal halide lamps that are ideal for studio lighting. Throughout their life they offer good color rendering, a stable color temperature of 6000 K and optimum photometric properties.

STUDIOLINE fluorescent lamps

OSRAM STUDIOLINE fluorescent lamps have been designed specifically for studio lighting. Thanks to their special phosphors, STUDIOLINE lamps emit a light that combines well with that of HMI lamps (5600 K) or tungsten-halogen lamps (3200 K). The output is a soft, natural and diffused light. The lamps produce very little heat so they can be placed close to actors and heat-sensitive objects. STUDIOLINE lamps from OSRAM combine low energy consumption with high light output. They are suitable for 120 V or 277 V applications and in combination with intelligent QUICKTRONIC technology can be dimmed down to just 1 percent light output.

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