Light for studio, stage and TV

Light for studio, stage and TV

Lamps and modules for theater, film and studio applications

Studio, film & TV productions

Exciting lighting for film and TV productions

Creating moods that speak to the emotions is one of the main functions of lighting and makes it a central design element in film and TV productions.

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Stage lighting

Impressive light for musicians, comedians and entertainers

The right stage lighting presents stars in their best light. When musicians, comedians or entertainers make their grand entrance the lighting has to be just right.

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Theater lighting

Stable color temperatures and outstanding luminous effects

OSRAM offers a wide range of solutions for theater lighting, from individual lamps to complex modules.

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Lighting for video applications & professional photography

Robust lamp design and good color rendering

For video applications and professional photography OSRAM offers lighting solutions that are characterized by robust and stable lamp design, outstanding color rendering, high light output, optimum quality and complete safety.

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The perfect cast for every role
Download (pdf): Applications for studio, stage and TV (13.0 MB)

Speciality lamps

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