CHIPLED® infrared emitters and photodiodes serving a broad range of applications

CHIPLED® products are designed for optimized performance out of a very small form factor to realize cutting-edge Sensing solutions. The broad product portfolio addresses various application areas like automotive, industrial as well as health monitoring.

When it comes to our latest CHIPLED® photodiodes for health monitoring applications, SFH 2703 and SFH 2713, the products are combining an high active area with a small footprint. It captivates through an optimized chip to package ratio of 51% therefore enabling superior industrial designs and a small form factor with a height of only 0.6 mm - almost 50% less compared to other devices - makes the photodiodes the perfect fit for space critical applications.

For automotive applications with high quality standards the CHIPLED® family offers various products for interior and exterior automotive illumination and sensing applications.

CHIPLED® for Automotive Applications

  • Very compact SMT package
  • Compact standard SI Photodiodes with and without daylight blocking filter available
  • Ambient light sensors with perfect approximation of human eye sensitivity (Vλ)
  • Temperature range up to 125°C
  • Automotive qualified acc. to AEC 101

CHIPLED® for Industrial Applications IR Emitter

  • Half angle options: from ±9° to ±70° enables adaption to the needs of the application
  • Wavelength options: 850 nm, 940 nm
  • Flexible design possibilties due to the availability of toplooker and sidelooker package options

Detectors (Photodiodes and Phototransistors)

  • High sensitivities and small outlines
  • Flexible design possibilties due to the availability of toplooker and sidelooker package options
  • Broad Ambient Light Sensor portfolio

CHIPLED® for Health Monitoring Applications

  • High sensitivity and optimized chip to package ratio
  • Superior industrial design for wearables
  • Multiple options with different spectral sensitivity ranges (e.g. Broadband or IR-cut)

Automotive Applications

  • Ambient Light Sensing
  • Rain and Tunnel Sensing
  • Headlamp control

Industrial Applications

  • Industrial Automation
  • Light Barriers
  • Touchless Sensing
  • Machine Vision

Health Monitoring

  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Heart Rate Monitoring