Thanks to the special batwing optics, greenhouse owner can enlarge the distance between the single lamps without a decrease in light quality for the plants.

ams OSRAM unveils world’s first batwing optic LED family for horticulture applications to provide more homogenous light distribution

- Oslon Square Batwing extends ams OSRAMs comprehensive and market-leading portfolio for horticulture lighting with four new devices
- With a new special primary optics, the lighting of greenhouses will be more homogeneous, avoiding hotspots directly under the luminaires
- The better homogeneity and the special radiation pattern enable a reduction of fixtures within greenhouses for even higher system efficiency

28.10.2021 | Trade Press

Premstaetten, Austria (28th October, 2021) - ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, expands its comprehensive portfolio of horticulture LEDs with the Oslon Square Batwing. Every plant needs a certain amount of light in different wavelengths for an optimal growth. Special luminaires in greenhouses and indoor farms combine red, blue and white LEDs, depending on the light recipe required for the plant. Current LED fixtures often have a lambertian primary lens and no secondary optic, or a simple glass cover, which lead to hotspots with high concentration of light directly under the luminaire. The result is areas with different intensities of illumination, causing inconsistent yields. Currently, these lighting gaps are commonly filled with additional fixtures. ams OSRAM has solved this important problem with the Oslon Square Batwing, which has a special shape of optics to enable customers to simplify their designs, likely reduce fixtures or be more efficient.

With the four new products within the established Oslon Square family ams OSRAM is now able to even better serve different customer wishes for horticulture lighting in greenhouses and indoor farms. The picture shows the hyper red version.

When it comes to horticulture lighting growers often face light uniformity issues with the Pitch-to-Distance ratio. Growers currently try to close the lighting gaps with a higher number of luminaires or accept that some plants receive more light than others. This is not a satisfying solution because the main aim for the grower is to get the highest possible yield at the lowest possible cost. To address this issue, ams OSRAM combined its established and industry leading Oslon Square LED for horticulture lighting with a new innovative primary optic.

The new batwing optics enables a special radiation pattern of light that looks like wings. The wide beam angle of 140° and the rectangular shape of light distribution enables higher uniformity and an optimum utilization of space in greenhouses. The wider angle also allows for a larger distance between the luminaires and thus a possible reduction of fixtures. Compared to lighting systems using LEDs with a secondary Bat Wing optics, the primary Bat Wing lens solution can offer an up to 5% higher system efficiency.

The Oslon Square family is now extended with four new devices – hyper red (660nm), deep blue (450nm), far red (730nm) and horti white – covering all necessary wavelengths for horticulture applications. All versions feature a compact footprint of only 3,0 mm x 3,0 mm and convince with an excellent radiant flux maintenance and outstanding lifetime of more than 102,000 hrs. Besides this the products come with industry leading efficacy values. The hyper red version achieves an optical output of 1042 mW at 700 mA causing a Wall-Plug-Efficiency (WPE) of 74%.

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