IR Vision - Infrared Illumination for Biometric Identification

Biometric Identifcation by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

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OSLON® P1616

SFH 4171SSFH 4181S

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In the world of tomorrow, the key to your identity could quite literally be in the palm of your hand. With personal authentication becoming an essential requirement for a wide variety of purposes, such as mobile electronics, many systems now rely on biometric features to identify authorized users.

Osram Opto Semiconductors is helping to ensure these systems reach the highest level of reliability and security, to make sure the most important things in your life are as safe as they can be.

Biometric identification makes use of unique human characteristics, including facial features, finger prints, or the network of veins in the palm. The technology offers a safe and convenient alternative to managing complex passwords.

Osram Opto Semiconductors supplies special infrared LEDs for biometric recognition systems. These LEDs are used to illuminate the target area, enabling the systems to achieve high quality images, and ensuring reliable identification.

The newest addition to the portfolio are the OSLON P1616 devices that come with integrated optics – SFH 4171S and SFH 4181S – with a brilliant package-to-power ratio and the smallest package of only 1.6x 1.6x 1.7 mm³ making the devices ideal for space critical application, e.g. user authentication for mobile devices such as laptops or smart doorbells.

OSLON® P1616

Smallest infrared high power emitter with a superior size-power ratio

  • Super small package with only 1.6x 1.6 mm² enabling use in space critical applications
  • two wavelength options: 850 nm for high camera sensitivity and 940 nm for reduced red glow
  • Nanostack Technology for higher output - increase output by almost 100%
  • Lensed and unlensed options available to meet different application requirements
  • Recommended for user authentication applications in slim frames, such as laptops and mobile devices


Great variety and power options to meet different requirements

  • Two chip options available - optimized for high pulse and high
  • brightness operation
  • two wavelength options: 850 nm for high camera sensitivity and 940 nm for reduced red glow
  • Integrated optics in three different half angles of +-25°, +-45° and +- 75° enable adaption to the needs of the application
  • Recommended for fingerprint and hand vein scanning as well as 2D facial recognition


Combining compact footprint with high power emission

  • Infrared light source with high efficiency
  • Highest optical output due to double stack emitters inside
  • two wavelength options available: 850 nm for high camera sensitivity and 940 nm for reduced red glow
  • Application specific portfolio to support industrial as well as automotive applications
  • Most slim package in the market with a height of only 0.6 mm enables narrow clustering and design in very limited space
  • Recommended for 2D facial recognition applications in space critical designs