PlantaSeed Horticulture

Caratteristiche prodotto
  • 2 standard color mixes recipes for different applications
  • Module efficacy: up to 3.6 µmol/J (@rated conditions)
  • PF up to 85 µmol/s (@rated conditions)
  • Average lifetime (L90B10): up to 70,000 (up to temperature at Tp = 60 °C)
  • Thermal protection by NTC on the LED Module
  • Maximum working voltage 550 V for the system
  • Geometry according to Zhaga Book 15
Vantaggi prodotto
  • Customized solutions (color-mix & form factor) possible
  • Perfect fit to OPTOTRONIC HC and Industry Drivers
  • Compatible to standard outdoor and industry optics, e.g. Ledil Strada series


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Nome del prodotto
Date of Declaration
Primary Article Identifier
Scheda tecnica
PlantaSeed R30W70
19-10-2022 4062172242417
PlantaSeed R90B10
19-10-2022 4062172242394

Maggiori informazioni per la famiglia di prodotto

Aree applicative
  • Industry (greenhouse, hardware store, supermarket)
  • Horticulture application
  • Development of prototype luminaires and LED solutions in Horticulture applications
  • Greenhouse