Vantaggi prodotto
  • DALI-2 certified for improved multi-vendor interoperability
  • Template based onsite commissioning via Smart device
  • Building Management System integration via optional KNX interface
  • Remote access for changes in the configuration from every location
  • LAN Interconnect to connect up-to 8 Controllers into one network
  • Rest API for connection of a 3rd party Cloud with the DALI Pro2 IoT Controller
  • Automated testing and reporting of emergency lighting installations
  • Daylight Simulation via scene recall and/or light sensor regulation
Aree applicative
  • Controllo locali, controllo piani, controllo in funzione della luce naturale
  • Collegamento di sensori di luminosità e di presenza negli impianti DALI
  • RGB and Tunable white applications
  • Sale riunioni
  • Uffici
  • Adatto per applicazioni in interni
  • Industria
  • Strisce luminose
  • Aule scolastiche
  • Padiglioni sportivi
Apparecchiatura / Accessori
  • Easy browser-based commissioning UI (for smart devices)

Expert configuration software available at www.osram.com/software

Dati tecnici

Dati elettrici

Tensione nominale

220…240 V

Potenza di sistema

20,00 W

Frequenza di rete

50/60 Hz

Dimensioni e peso


62,0 mm

Peso prodotto

247,00 g


91,0 mm


106,0 mm

Temperature e condizioni di utilizzo

Temperatura ambiente

0…+40 °C


Tipo di installazione

Din Rail

Dati logistici

Codice prodotto di base


Environmental information

Information according Art. 33 of EU Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACh)

Date of Declaration


Primary Article Identifier


Declaration No. in SCIP database

In work

Informazioni sull'imballo







4062172114189 FS


1 112mm x 94mm x 72mm 284.00g 0.76dm³
4062172114196 VS

Cartone di spedizione

20 235mm x 199mm x 372mm 5905.00g 17.40dm³


Online tools

More about DALI PRO 2 IOT
More about DALI PRO 2 IOT
Find out more about DALI PRO 2 IOT and download Manuals, latest Firmware Updates and Software www.osram.com/dalipro2

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Caratteristiche prodotto
  • DALI-2 certified
  • IoT ready with built-in gateway for remote data access
  • Easy browser-based commissioning UI and Professional Software available
  • Small form factor: only 6 TE (DIN rail)
  • Commissioning via Ethernet/WLAN
Tender text

Lighting controller for 2 DALI lines for light-scenes and energy saving applications. Controller with 2 DALI ports and integrated DALI supply according EN/IEC 62386.For connection of up to 128 DALI ECG.IoT ready with built-in gateway for remote access.Web browser based graphical user interface. For mounting on 35mm DIN-rail according DIN 43880.Attachment of sensors and input devices via DALI wire for simple, cost efficient installation.For applications up to 2 x 16 light groups and up to 2 x 16 light-scenes.Connection of up to 25 pushbutton -/ sensor-couplers via DALI wires.For attachment of combi-sensors (light and occupancy) for luminaire- / ceiling - mounting or standard installation pushbuttons without reduction of permissible number of DALI ECG.Notification about lamp failure to higher level Building Management System.Integrated LED area with buttons for construction site mode to verify correct luminaire DALI installation without connected wall switches / input devices.Basic functionality for commissioning without software for applications of 2 wired light groups with pushbutton- / sensor-coupler via DALI broadcast.Integrated real time clock for event scheduling.Battery buffer at mains voltage interruption.Weekly scheduler for use of up to 50 different time events.Automatic change to daylight saving time.Setup Software.Simple setup on PC screen via Windows based configuration software [PC TOOL] and blink chain.Flexible function assignment of DALI ECG, sensors, manual input devices across both DALI lines.Component display in device tree and interactive scene preview.Daylight depending light regulation with up to 10 light-sensors per regulation group.Static light scenes called by occupancy sensors or manual control (pushbutton, OSRAM Glass touch or Touch panel).Flexible configuration of time-controlled light levels for corridor function.Flow control and sequences composed from single scenes.One button activation for multiple scenes.Serial / parallel configuration of grouped switches.Automatic generation of detailed HTML project report which shows complete configuration including all used devices, parameter and functionalities.Test function for testing of all used single devices with PC software during operation.Display of resource status.Housing from polycarbonate plastic, flame-retardant, halogen free.Dimensions: 106 x 91 x 62 mm (6TE)Terminals: screwless push wire 0.5 to 2.5mm2.Connection to PC: LAN.Supply Voltage: AC 220 to 240V 50/60Hz.Power consumption: max. 20W @ full DALI load.DALI current supply: 2 x 230mA.Ambient temperature: 0°C to +40°C.Type of protection: IP 20 Protection class.Complies with EMV regulation: EN55022, IEC/EN 61000.Order name: DALI PRO 2 IoT.Order number EAN: 4062172114189


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Din Rail