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The new G15 product line BackLED and BoxLED

Light Engines and LED modules

Attract attention, change rooms: BackLED and BoxLED accents

The effective backlighting surfaces is not only used in signage, but also more and more used for optical production of buildings and products, both indoors and outdoors. Stand in the development of light sources while the uniformity of illumination, a color effect and sond in the foreground. The product families BackLED and BoxLED care in each Application for brilliant light in a design element. Both can achieve impressive results as a promotional or eye catcher function.

OSRAM offers perfectly matched electronic gears for 12V / 24V constant modules to drive the complete system efficient:

OPTOTRONIC control gear
OPTOTRONIC control gear optimally matched to the LED modules for illuminated signage.

Illuminated signage installation on the City high-rise building in Leipzig – equipped with OSRAM products

On the City high-rise building, the headquarters of the European Energy Exchange (EEX), two 40 square meter large, LED illuminated logos have been mounted at a height of 120 meters. Osram installed the twelve LED light boxes equipped with 384 white OSRAM LEDs of the BoxLED Back Plus 6,500 Kelvin type, as well as the OPTOTRONIC 240/210-230/24 LED drivers.


Video: MAN Logo shines brighter in the Munich sky

Innovative BoxLED Back plus LED modules with perfectly matched OPTOTRONIC 24 V LED drives were put into place for this project. Result: reduced power consumption and a brighter signage solution.


Click & Play system

(fast installation of backlighting modules)

The video shows the fast click and play system with mounting profiles that were dedicated made for OSRAM’s backlighting modules.

It’s not necessary to screw or to tape the module on the surface by using the profiles. This helps the user to reduce installation time and costs.

Video: Click & Play system

Flat-Ray Technology

(Optics for Backlighting)

It’s possible to reduce the distance between light source and surface that should be illuminated from the back with dedicated optics.

OSRAM’s Flat-Ray technology stands for perfect backlighting optic development that allows the user to make slim installation of backlighting modules.

Video: Flat-Ray Technology

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