LEDriving HL H7 Gen1

LEDriving HL H7 Gen1

Sostituzione perfetta per determinati veicoli

LEDriving HL H7 Gen1


≙ H7



Sostituzione adatta per H7

With LED technology and a color temperature of 6,000 K, the OSRAM LEDriving HL represents the most convenient solution in order to upgrade your existing headlights – providing a stylish cool white look as well as improved visibility for everything that lies ahead of you. It can be installed in place of certain H7 high and low beam lamps. The pair of lamps comes with a 5-year OSRAM guarantee and with a long service life. For precise guarantee conditions please refer to Please note: These products do not have ECE approval. This means they must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads leads to cancellation of operating license and loss of insurance coverage. Several countries do not allow sale and use of these products. Please contact your local distributor for information on the availability in your country.

Scheda tecnica famiglia di prodotto

Dati elettrici

Tensione nominale 12/24 V
Potenza nominale 14,00 W

Dimensioni e peso

Lunghezza 444,6 mm
Diametro 35,4 mm
Peso prodotto 110,00 g

Dati di prodotto aggiuntivi

Attacco (denominazione da norma) PX26d

Certificati, Norme, Direttive

Categoria ECE ≙ H7

Classificazioni specifiche del paese

Numero d'ordine 65210CW






4052899564060 FS
150mm x 70mm x 180mm 369.00g 1.89dm³
4052899564077 VS
295mm x 165mm x 195mm 1346.00g 9.49dm³