NIGHT BREAKER: Light that exceeds expectations

A stress-free driving experience - everyday

One thing above all is essential for making your driving experience in the dark stress-free and safe – superior bright light. For this reason, OSRAM has systematically developed and improved its performance lamps to become the three most powerful NIGHT BREAKER product families of all time.

More light makes it possible to see further and react much sooner. This is important for drivers with night blindness or driver who see badly at night in general - particularly in situations where every second counts.

The Car - Means of Transportation Number 1 for Families

The means of transportation used most frequently by families1 in Germany for leisure travel is the car, followed by plane and train. Increasingly heavy traffic in late and early hours, unexpected objects on the road ahead, and limited vision leave many drivers feeling insecure when driving in the dark.

Another common problem is fatigue. When drivers are tired, their reactions are slower; so it’s hardly surprising that a large number of accidents happen at night, even though traffic is lighter than during the day.

1Households with children under 14, Source: Statista

Means of Transportation Number 1 for Families
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Almost every 13th car has poor lighting

Driving at night is always tough: night-blindness, poorly illuminated city streets and obstacles that are difficult to see until it’s too late. It comes as no surprise then that around 70% of all accidents happen at night. This makes one thing above all essential to a stress-free and safe driving experience: superior bright light.

Taillights, oil leackage and front lights; Source: TÜV Süd

Light that exceeds expectations

Switch to NIGHT BREAKER now

No matter if you choose halogen or xenon light, you can always rely on the huge advantages of NIGHT BREAKER performance lamps. Ask your local auto service center or a specialist dealer about the right lamps for your vehicle. Our lighting experts always advise changing the lamps on both sides of your vehicle at the same time. This is why NIGHT BREAKER lamps are also available in pairs in the convenient Duobox.

OSRAM’s newest product portfolio offers compatible NIGHT BREAKER lamps for almost any vehicle, making OSRAM nearly always the first choice – regardless if you need a replacement for a halogen lamp or a xenon lamp.

Night Breaker family


Up to 200% more brightness for you*

Experience the road in a new light and benefit from the increased safety thanks to the newest NIGHT BREAKER families!

*Xenon (200%): Compared to minimum ECE R98 requirements

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